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Cybill Shepherd: 1 | 2
Official Site | Interview | IMDB Listing

Bruce Willis: 1 | 2
Official Site | Meeting | IMDB Listing

Allyce Beasley:
IMDB Listing

Curtis Armstrong:
Official Site | Interview | IMDB Listing

Jack Blessing:
IMDB Listing

Jonathan Ames & Dan Fitzpatrick:

Recurring Guest Stars:

Charles Rocket: (6 episodes, seas. 2-5)
IMDB Listing

Robert Webber: (7 episodes, seas. 2 & 4)
IMDB Listing

Eva Marie Saint: (7 episodes, seas. 2 & 4)
IMDB Listing

Mark Harmon (4 episodes, seas. 3)
IMDB Listing

Brooke Adams (3 episodes, seas. 4)
IMDB Listing

Denis Dugan (4 episodes, seas. 4 & 1 episode seas. 5)
IMDB Listing

Virginia Madsen (3 episodes, seas. 5)
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Cybill Interview Snippet

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Moonlighting Theme
Be My Baby
You Really Got a Hold on Me

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Intro To Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?

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Episode Scenes
The Title Credits used in the pilot epiosode
The Title Credits used Seasons 1, 2, & 3
Cybill sings in "Dream Sequence"
Final Scene of "Dream Sequence."
Early Scene of "A Portrait of Maddie"
The teaser from "In God We Strongly Suspect"
The Parking Garage Scene of "Witness for the Execution"
Final Scene of "Witness for the Execution"
Fight Scene from "The Man Who Cried Wife"
Final Scene of "The Man Who Cried Wife"
The Dance from Big Man on Mulberry Street
Atomic Shakespeare clip (Good Lovin')
I am Curious Final Scene (aka The Big Bang)
The Title Credits used Seasons 4 & 5
Final Scene of "And the Flesh Was Made Word"
The Writer's Strike bumper from "And the Flesh Was Made Word"
From "Cybill" Episode "Going to Hell in a Limo Part I"

TV Ads
ABC "You'll Love It!" ad, Summer 1985
Cybill Shepherd in Preference by L'oreal ads
Cybill Shepherd in ad for the Beef Council
Bruce Willis in Seagrams Golden Wine Cooler ads 1 | 2 | 3
Allyce Beasley in Yoplait Ad
Televised ad parodying National Enquirer
Televised ad for I am Curious Maddie, March 1987
Televised ad for To Heiress Human, May 1987
Coca-cola Moonlighting in 3-D: Ad 1 | Ad 2
Teaser ad for In and Outlaws, April 1989

Televised Interviews & Appearances
ABC All-Star Spectacular, Sept. 1985
Interview with Cybill & Bruce, Good Morning America, Sept. 1985
Interview with Bruce, Late Night With David Letterman, Dec. 1985
Excerpt from Bruce's People's Choice Award Speech, Early 1986
Interview with Cybill Shepherd on the Barbara Walters Special, Summer 1986
Interview with Bruce & Cybill, Jan 1986, Good Morning America
Interview with Bruce, Evening Magazine, Sept 1986
Cybill & Bruce appearance in Soul Man music video.
Cybill & Bruce at Golden Globes Jan. 1987
Good Morning America tours the Moonlighting Set
Interview with Bruce & Cybill, Feb 1987, Good Morning America
Interview with Allyce Beasley, Feb 1987, Good Morning America
Interview with Bruce, March 1987, Today Show
Bruce Willis at Emmys Sept. 1987
Bravo's 100 Greatest TV Characters clip on Moonlighting
Interview with Cybill, Entertainment Tonight, Feb. 2005

Music Videos
Al Jarreau Moonlighting Theme Music Video
Virtual Moonlighting Music Video I
Virtual Moonlighting Music Video II

A & E Biography
Cybill Shepherd, August 2004
Bruce Willis, March 2005
Los Angeles Times, March 15, 1985
US Sept. 23, 1985
Newsweek, Oct. 28, 1985
Los Angeles Times, December 30, 1985

Chicago Tribune, February 9, 1986
New York Times Magazine, Mar. 30, 1986
Chicago Tribune, Apr. 6, 1986
Los Angeles Times, May 16, 1986
YOU, The Mail on Sunday Magazine, Jun. 29, 1986
American Cinematographer, July 1986
Newsweek, Sept. 8, 1986
Glamour Magazine, October 1986
Sophisticates Hairstyleguide, Dec. 1986

Seattle Times, January 2, 1987
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, January 20, 1987
Los Angeles Times, March 3 & 4, 1987
Los Angeles Times, March 20, 1987
United Press International, March 30, 1987
Associated Press, morning edition of March 31, 1987
Chicago Tribune, late edition of March 31, 1987
New York Times, late edition of March 31, 1987
St. Petersburg Times, April 1, 1987
San Francisco Examiner, April 1, 1987
Los Angeles Times, April 3, 1987
New York Daily News, April 14, 1987
TV Guide Viewers Letters, April - May 1987
Los Angeles Times Letters to the Editors, April 1987 - May 1987
Bergen Record, May 3, 1987
Los Angeles Times, May 17, 1987
Associated Press, May 18, 1987
Starlog's Cinemagic, Fall 1987
St. Petersburg Times, October 6, 1987
TV Guide October 24, 1987
Celebrity Hairstyles
Chicago Tribune, November 4, 1987
Entertainment Weekly, December 1987

Hollywood Studio Magazine, Then and Now, Jan 1988
Journal of Popular Film & Television, Fall 1988
American Film, May 1989
Television Chronicles, April 1995
Entertainment Weekly, April 5, 1996
TV Guide, Feb 13-19, 1999
TV Guide, March 6, 1999
TV Guide, Oct 16, 1999
TV Guide, July 8, 2000
TV Guide, 2002, 50th Anniversary lists
People Special Edition, Sept 2003
TV Guide, 2005, 100 Most Memorable Moments Lists
TV Guide, 2005, 20 Hottest Kisses of All Time
Video Business, March 14, 2005
Inside TV, May 23, 2005
TV Guide, May & June 2005
Press Releases for DVD's, May & June 2005
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Fans DVD Viewing Party (6/04/05)
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Fans at Cybill's show in London
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Mohegan Sun w/Bruce Willis, 10/03
Fan Get-Together at Callender's, 6/13/04
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