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"Yours is a wonderful site dedicated to a wonderful show..."
Jason, The Eighties Club, Jan. 17, 2003

"After review of your website, our staff of judges has found your website to be in the Top 2% of all the websites we've reviewed. Of the thousands of websites we review every month, our staff believes your web site to have exceptional graphics as well as unique & interesting content."
June 1, 2003

Your chemistry section, a clear labor of love, is gorgeous. The combination of links featuring text, illustration and audio is a model of how the Internet can best be used...

...Again, such a pleasure to be a part of an enterprise undertaken with integrity, enthusiasm, and smarts.

Martha P. Nochimson, Ph.D.
Director of Film Studies
Mercy College
05 Jun 2003

My compliments on the staggering effort in producing this wonderful site. "Moonlighting" got me through graduate school, as it was the only program for which I would pause work on Tuesday nights at 8:00. How great to be in league with other fans.

Brent M. Jones, Ph.D.
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

It is amazing to think that it will be 20 years this year since the Moonlighting phenomena began. I have been a fan since the beginning. The show gave me a greater appreciation for the tiny, subtle "bits" that go into an actor's performance and character, and how the setting, camera angles, costuming, makeup, lighting and color effect mood.

I am very impressed with and really enjoy your site; it's very comprehensive and interesting. I have enjoyed reading the commentaries and analyses, and all the photos and fun stuff, too...

...Best wishes to you and to the DVD Campaign. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep checking back to your site!

Cathy C., California Award

Site Award July 2004

Aug 2, 2004

I just wanted to thank you and the editorial team for a wonderful, comprehensive website.... So much great stuff that it's hard to know where to start and finish.

As an original 'Moonlighting' fan, it's an absolute treasure trove.

Much appreciated,

Alison Kirwan

Mar 4, 2005

All I want to say is....Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As far as I'm concerned, "Moonlighting" is the best thing to ever happen to television. We (my family) have DVDs of movies and television shows in our home, but they all belong to either my husband or my children. I have never been interested in buying any tapes or DVDs; once I have seen something, I have no desire to watch it again. But I could watch "Moonlighting" over and over and over. And I am constantly searching listings to find it on television again.

So, again, thank you and everyone else for all you've done to get this series on disk! I'm looking forward to getting every "Moonlighting" eposide created.



June 8, 2005

Your website is FANTASTIC!!!

Moonlighting premiered when I was a freshman in high school and it was the first "adult" show I was interested in. I was absolutely hooked. If only there'd been the Internet back then! I lived and breathed this show - even so far as to AUDIO tape Every Daughter's Father Is A Virgin so I could take a bit of Moonlighting with me on a family trip to Australia.

From time to time I've viewed the episodes I diligently taped on my VCR "back in the day," but now that my DVDs have just arrived in the mail... I'm SO excited. My Moonlighting fever has returned!

Thanks for your HARD work on your website - I can't believe I've just stumbled across it today and hadn't found it earlier. I'm looking forward to exploring it more fully ASAP!

Laurel A., California

June 17, 2005

I have admired your site for quite awhile and visit regularly. (Too bad we didn't have the internet during Moonlighting's heyday.) I wanted to drop a line and thank you for all your hard work on the DVD campaign.

Frank H, Missouri

July 8, 2005

I just have to drop a line to say how wonderful your website is. i'm sure you've been told this time and again by fans, but it really is one of the best put together and most comprehensive websites on the net.

Technically I'm a "new" moonlighting fan. I wasn't old enough to watch back when it aired originally and have discovered it when they re-ran it on Bravo a few years ago. I love reading about the ads and watching the interview video clips and all the hoopla surrounding it that I missed out on; and the essays, especially the chemistry one is exceptional. I can spend hours playing with all the goodies on the site and still find something new to enjoy the next time I visit...

Vanessa, Florida

May 7, 2007

I just wanted to say what a great job you have done on I was a star-struck, dreamy 10 year old girl when I first found what became my favorite show of all time. Even though it was on past my bedtime, my mom was nice enough to let me watch it on a black and white TV in my bedroom. I remember cutting out all those print ads from TV guide and taping them to my wall. I remember being at a girlfriend's house and screaming with her when D & M kissed for the first time in "Witness..."

...Fast forward to today, I am now thirty years young (and a life long Bruce fan). I recently had my first child, and while on maternity leave, I thought it would be fun to get the get the DVDs form Netflix and do it all over again, and finally see how it all ended. I am now about to start the last disk, and along the way I happily discovered your great site. It brought me right back to my old bedroom, and all the giddy passion and excitement I had for the show....I also realized that my second favorite show of all time, The X-Files, owes alot to Moonlighting and its understanding of great chemistry and writing. It truly was "lightning in a bottle".

Anyway, thanks for the labor of love, as I am grateful for the trip down memory lane!

Lori H., New Jersey

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There is another TV series that I have a fan site for that before my Moonlighting site came along demanded all my spare time too. It is for the 1994-1995 TV series Christy, based on the best selling American novel by Catherine Marshall, that starred Kellie Martin, Tyne Daly and LeVar Burton (to name a few of the most famous faces). In the pilot episode of that series there is scene where Tyne Daly's character offers this piece of great advice to the young, enthusiastic, but naive school teacher, Christy, played by Kellie Martin: "Hold on to joy" she tells her. Succintly put, that is exactly what is all about. One of the excuses I have is that I am attempting to return some of the joy that Moonlighting brought into my life back in the 1980's---and continues to bring to this day whenever I watch my tapes or converse with fellow fans. I also enjoy sharing the joy with others because I know what it is like to be a bigtime fan of a series/cast, and I believe I know the kind of things the fan wants to read, see or experience. Hopefully this site provides a place for other Moonlighting fans to go get their "fix" of these types of things.

Besides, I find so much on TV these days is really lacking in creativity, intelligence and originality that I currently watch less than 6 hours a week of programs on TV...and certain nights I just don't turn on the set at all. By paying homage to Moonlighting, one of the truly brilliant shows ever on and certainly one of the most innovative, this is my way of drawing attention to the type of programming I want to see. Mr. Willis and Ms. Shepherd on Moonlighting were indeed captured "lightning in a bottle" -- performances and personalities like theirs just do not come along on TV every day. In some way, I hope to draw attention to just how special they were in these roles and how wonderful the whole experience of watching Moonlighting was.

Is this an obsession you ask? I suppose to some it may seem so. I consider it more a venue of expression. LOL! Venue of expression--that sounds so hoity toity doesn't it? Ok, let me see if I can make my answer more agreeable...having the site and working on the site is a blast! Yep, a total blast. And besides, I am incredibly proud of it. :-) That's my explanation, plain and simple!

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