Moonlighting With
David & Maddie in Buenos Aires
The Executive Photo Album

Here are some pictures from my personal photo collection.

I received them in the mail several days after I returned from Buenos Aires. That rat, Ron Sawyer must have gotten them from his security cameras. And he certainly owes me more than a few pictures.

They're kind of nice though, aren't they? Addison looks pretty good for a man who flew thousands of miles just to save his job. But we really did have fun that night -- oops, in a fine sort of way of course.

I carry one of these in my wallet. See if you can guess which one.

~~Maddie Hayes~~

(Hold your mouse over the photo you think it is to see if you are right.)

Now why would I carry a picture of me in my wallet! Guess again.
Not this one.
No. Try Again.
Nice guess. But it's not this one.
No. Not this one.
No. Guess Again.
Ohh, close, but its not this one, sorry.
No, you picked the wrong one.
No, try again.
A cute fun picture, but it's not the one.
He always cracks me up, and I do like this shot, but it isn't this one. Try again.
Nice photo isn't it? But it's not this one.
Now why would I carry a picture of me in my wallet! Guess again.
Yes, You guessed it. It's this one. Isn't he adorable? But Shhh. It's our little secret.
I like this one a lot. But it's not the one in my wallet.

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Maddie's dialogue written by site co-editor and Virtual Moonlighting scribe Diane Hopkins. You done good!


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