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Nadine Muth
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Nadine Muth

Hometown: Zepernick, Germany
(a suburb of Berlin)

Occupation: Web Site Designer

Reunion Petition
Nadine's Reunion Petition Drive

Nadine represents the large contingent of international "Moonlighting" fans who visit this site. I was stunned when looking at site statistics recently to discover the large volume of traffic the site was getting from overseas. Below is a list of the various countries that visitors to this site have come from in the last 30 days, in order of number of visitors.

.fr (France)
.ca (Canada)
.it (Italy)
.ru (Russia)
.de (Germany)
.at (Austria)
.uk (United Kingdom)
.au (Australia)
.ro (Romania)
.nl (Netherlands)
.jp (Japan)
.ch (Switzerland)
.ar (Argentina)
.es (Spain)
.do (Dominican Republic)
.sg (Singapore)
.fi (Finland)
.dk (Denmark)
.se (Sweden)
.gr (Greece)
.br (Brazil)
.cz (Czech Republic)
.sk (Slovakia)
.mx (Mexico)
.be (Belgium)
.nz (New Zealand)
.no (Norway)
.pl (Poland)
.hk (Hong Kong)
.ee (Estonia)
.hu (Hungary)
.pt (Portugal)
.tr (Turkey)
.il (Israel)
.mu (Mauritius)
.cn (China)
.ua (Ukraine)
.cr (Costa Rica)
.ie (Ireland)
.sa (Saudi Arabia)
.cl (Chile)
.th (Thailand)
.pe (Peru)
.is (Iceland)
.hr (Croatia)
.lv (Latvia)
.bz (Belize)
.si (Slovenia)
.lt (Lithuania)
.tw (Tawain)
.jo (Jordan)
.lu (Luxembourg)
.ua (Ukraine)
.id (Indonesia)
.ph (Philippines)
.ge (Georgia)
.in (India)
.pa (Panama)
.co (Colombia)
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.uy (Uruguay)
.za (South Africa)
.su (Former USSR)
.ae (United Arab Emirates)
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.ye (Yemen)
.nc (New Caledonia)
.va (Vatican City State)
.ir (iran)
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Featured Fan

I was first introduced to Nadine Muth back in June of this year (2002) when she sent an email to me at this site telling me about the efforts of the fans in Germany who were trying to get "Moonlighting" back on the air there. Nadine's initial email was what alerted me to the fact that the show and cast had a large following of international fans. Then about six weeks later she emailed me again telling me all about her new German "Moonlighting" site, "Das Model und der Schnüffler." It was at that time that I got to know her a bit better and came to realize that hers was no ordinary fan story because of her cultural circumstances of growing up behind the Iron Curtain. A short time later Nadine began the Reunion Petition online, and she continues unwavering in her commitment, inspiring me and others in her wake. In honor of her efforts and in recognition of all the international fans, Nadine Muth has been selected our Featured Fan for October/November 2002.

~~Cindy K.

Q: How long have you been a "Moonlighting" Fan?

From Dream Sequence Always Rings TwiceA: I became a "Moonlighting" Fan in the early 90's, I think it was 1993, when I was 17. I don't know when it first aired in Germany, probably in the late 80's. But at that time I was too young to stay up late; my parents didn't watch the show and nobody told me what I missed. On top of that came the fact that there were no magazines around that advertised the show or published articles about "Moonlighting." Before you start wondering, I have to add that I lived in the former GDR, which was the other part of Germany, behind the "Iron Curtain", where - according to the propaganda - Russians were the "good ones" and Americans - well, you sure know the terms of the Cold War. To most of us, the world beyond the wall that divided Germany was just a place where we never could get, it seemed to be on another planet. Those who lived close to Berlin could watch Western television that was aired for West Berlin, although it was not allowed. But almost everyone did. And we loved American TV shows. Colt Seavers (Lee Majors on "The Fall Guy") and MacGyver were the heroes of my childhood; "Moonlighting" is and will stay my all-time favourite show.

Q: Describe how and why you got involved in "Moonlighting" online.

A: I discovered the internet in 1998. At that time it was still expensive to surf, but it started to become popular for private use. I spend a lot time reading fansites of "Remington Steele" which has always been one of my favourite shows. I enjoyed reading the transcripts of the episodes, which are available online. I started to wonder why there seemed to be nothing equivalent about "Moonlighting," which I couldn't believe, so I started looking for it and finally came across "Moonlighting on the Web" and other fansites. When I found "" I got very excited because I felt it would become the ultimate fansite, a comprehensive approach to it, like "Moonlighting" deserves. It inspired me to make a fansite of my own, in German.

Q: What kind of reception and feedback have you gotten from your site and your campaigns?

From It's A Wonderful JobA: I got nothing but positive feedback about my website. There has been no rerun of "Moonlighting" for several years in Germany, so I guess most people start to forget about it. It's sad but true. When I posted on several message boards about the Reunion Campaign or the petition, the few replies it evoked were sceptical. But of course there are a lot of "Moonlighting" fans here in Germany who want "Moonlighting" back on TV and would definitely watch a Reunion movie. We just have to believe it will happen; I try to visualize it every now and then. (I believe in the power of imagination.)

Q: Tell us your favorite episode(s) and a brief statement why.

A: One of my favourite episodes is "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice", because it is fascinating to see Maddie and David "in another time", the 40's - when the world was still black and white - with different hairdo, different clothes. I like the way it tells the same story from different points of view. And the way Cybill Shepherd sings is just breathtaking. BTW, I think that was the first time I heard her original voice, because everything we watch is dubbed in Germany (German speakers lend their voices to foreign actors).

Another episode I like is "It's a Wonderful Job", when Maddie gets a chance to see "What if she had never kept the agency?" - and at the end she is really happy with her life and David being there - not married to Cheryl Tiegs.

From Womb with a ViewAnd I like "Womb with a View". I wish they had shown it on German TV, that would have spared me a lot of confusion about the whole "Who is the father?"-question. I love the whole story about the baby being told about his parents, being prepared for the world. I really believe there is a lot of truth in this story. The miscarriage is really sad, but David and Maddie are so close and when the nurse says "But the good news is: The two of you can start trying again real soon"-- I sob and smile.

Q: If you could have had the final episode end any way you wanted, what would it have been?

A: When they are told they were cancelled, I would have them say "Oh good! What a relief! We couldn't stand the lousy stories we had to go through lately. Finally we can say what we want to say to each other again." Then they should start for a weekend trip, have a romantic walk on the beach or a candlelight dinner, where they finally say how they feel about each other and then make plans for the future. (It doesn't have to be marriage.) Then a murder would happen or something, and they stumble into their next case. So we know they will always be what we love them for. Fade Out.

Q: Tell me why "Moonlighting" is so special to you.

A: I think Maddie and David (or Cybill & Bruce) are one of the greatest couples in TV-history. Their chemistry and timing and acting range are unequalled. In my opinion neither of them has ever played with a better partner. The writing was great and so was the filming. There is no show that comes even close to it.



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