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Not one to usually toot my own horn, but due to my diligence and extreme attention to detail, I have been assigned the important duty of locating all the places to go online to learn more about Blue Moon Investigations and my bosses, Mr. Addison and Miss Hayes.

~~Herbert Viola

Links (updated June 22, 2007)

Recommended Sites:

Moonlighting DVD Campaign
Your participation is needed in the effort
to bring Moonlighting to DVD.

Click for Virtual Moonlighting Fan Fiction
Virtual Moonlighting -- Season Nine is just underway!

NEW! Steve Bailey's Atomic Shakespeare site

Click for moonlighting message board at Sitcoms Online
Sitcoms Online Moonlighting Message Board

Click for TV Shows on DVD
Support Moonlighting on DVD's by clicking here and voting

NEW! Bruce Willis & Keanu Reeves Fan Site
Willis and Reeves fan site

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Vote for Us at WebbieWorld

Banner for Italian ML fan site
Anna & Ele's Italian Moonlighting Fan Site: Il sito Italiano

Banner for Das Model und Der Schuffler
Nadine's fantastic German Fansite: Moonlighting (Das Model und der Schnüffler)

Sue has sent links to Moonlighting quizzes that she has created at's site. Go try them out and see how many you get right.

Moonlighting Slide Shows-- Patty, an Italian ML fan, has created several wonderful slide shows with music and photos. To see her slide shows you need to go to her site, download the zip files as instructed, then when extracting the zip files on your computer, put the extracted files in the same directory for each of the presentations. Be careful, two of her shows have two zip files each and the files in each will need to be extracted into the same folder/directory as the other zip file named for that slide show. You will need a Real One media player to view these. Once extracted, click on the .smil file and each show should play. If you'd like, you can translate her comments at her page by using an Italian translator such as or some other one. One piece of info: the Slide Show that has the song in Italian is a song called "Solo ieri" (translated as "Only Yesterday") by Italian Pop singer Eros Ramazzotti. If you enjoy the slides, be sure to email Patty and tell her (her email address is found by clicking on the Home button). Patty also has made some beautiful ML wallpapers too.

"Moonlighting" Discussion Mail List for email list discussions about the series. Join today!

National Women's Health Resource Center Cybill Shepherd is working with the National Women's Health Resource Center and Novartis to educate women about IBS with constipation.

Click here to visit AdoptUsKids.orgPlease support Bruce Willis' efforts on behalf of the Adoption Initiative.

Click here to visit USO Web encourages all "Moonlighting" fans to support the USO and our Servicemen and Servicewomen. Please donate today.


Gem from Abergavenny, Wales has created Moonlighting computer wallpapers to share.

Stéphanie Antona from Lille, France has created Moonlighting computer wallpapers to share.

James Dyekman Design has a Moonlighting portrait of Cybill Shepherd posted on his site.

Sandra, the Webmaster of has made several nice graphics for Moonlighting, including holiday ones.

Kelly from Ontario has sent original Photoshop creations

Illustrator Matt Busch's Maddie and David.

Episode Guides:

Moonlighting Madness

Moonlighting on the Web features Brian Madsen's Episode Guide

Fan Fiction:

Moonlighting ABC's

Fan Sites:

Clair de Lune Blue Moon (in French)
Classic USA TV: Moonlighting
Das Model und der Schnüffler (Moonlighting), German Fan Site
Emissions, a French Canadian Televison Series Site has a page on Clair de Lune (Moonlighting) at,clair_de_lune/
Le Monde Des Séries: Clair de Lune (in French)
Lynn from UK's Moonlighting Photo Gallery
Lisa's Other Stuff: Moonlighting:
Luz de Luna (Spanish):
Moonlighting site from Argentina:
Moonlighting site from Russia:
Moonlighting Central:, AKA The Model and the Detective (in German):
Moonlighting Fan Club (German)
Moonlighting: Il sito Italiano (Italian)
Moonlighting Madness:
Moonlighting on the Web:
Quotations 101, AKA Moonlighting Fannesite, Russian site in English about Moonlighting
Soulmates: The Ultimate Guide to Relationships Maddie and David are featured on the Unforgettable Pairs on Television Page
Tara's Moonlighting page:
Tara's Moonlighting Site, a French page reviewing sites about the series
Televisione.It from Italy has a nice slide show on Moonlighting.

Official Cast Sites:

Curtis Armstrong's Web Site

Click for Cybill Shepherd's Official Site

Click for Bruce Willis' Official Site

Reunion Campaign Information:

Sign the online Reunion petition sponsored by Nadine Muth of Germany and her site, Das Model und der Schn&üffler.

To find out what's involvement is in the Reunion Campaign now, go here

Other Places on the Web that mention Moonlighting

Ruben from Chile has a site called Kobaltronics where he has a page about Moonlighting.

Moonlighting episode selected as one of The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments

Classic TV at has a page on Moonlighting sites

Listed since 2003 has a page on Moonlighting as well. listing on the TV series

Serial TV Italian TV site has a nice section on Moonlighting.

Tom's Pad selects as a favorite TV series site.

Virgilio site from Italy lists as on of the TV sites that is "el bello di internet

From Finland, Kalle Rantanen has a site all about TV Links. Kalle tells me that in Finnish the show is named "Konnankoukkuja kahdelle" which translates to "Dirty Tricks for Two."

Click to Visit Old TV Series
Please visit our friends at

The Eighties Club
has info on Websites Devoted to '80s TV Series page

Television Heaven
Television Heaven from Britian has a nice site about classic TV series.

Driko's 80's TV Links
Driko's 80's TV Links

YoYsearch - a web portal with ten types of search

Affiliates, Fanlistings & Friends of

FEATURED SITE: Visit our friend James J. Walters's Definitive Magnum P.I. Site

Moonlighting Fan Listing
Moonlighting Fanlisting

Click for from Poland by Eme. This is an affiliate site of

Bruce Willis Fanlisting
Mettlesome: Bruce Willis Fan Listing

Die Hard Movies Fan site
Andrew has a nice site for all the Die Hard fans

Check out the webmaster's latest web project:

Check out the webmaster's past web project:

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Bridget, Mark, and Daniel fanlisting
Dilemma: Mark/Bridget/Daniel Fan listing

Try this great quiz! | And check this out! | and this! - The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD Great site with all the info on Disney/BVHE releases on DVD

Audrey Hepburn Tribute Site
Sandra's Audrey Hepburn Tribute Site

Love Actually Fanlisting
Love Actually Fanlisting

Magazine Digs A Valuable Magazine Directory and Information Resource.

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