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From the Museum of Television Broadcasting's Web Site, The Encyclopedia of Television's entry on "Moonlighting", which is laudatory and intelligent. This is a must read for persons trying to understand the sophistication and ground breaking artistry of the show.

Gloria Withalm has written an article on Self-Reflexivity in film and television called "You turned off the whole movie!" - Types of Self-reflexive Discourse in Film." "Moonlighting" is the TV show she draws many of her examples from.

Back when the series was on originally, the web was in its infancy--Usenet (now commonly referred to as newsgroups) was around and was mostly utilized by computer geeks and the like. I love this delightful discussion that took place in comp.sys.mac back in October 1987 about the Mac computers featured on "Moonlighting" following the airing of "Come Back Little Shiksa." What a hoot!

Addison & his MacII
Addison & his MacII

Speaking of newsgroups, this is the earliest post I can find online anywhere about "Moonlighting." It goes back to October 1985 and is a recommendation from to watch the show.

A wonderful opinon posted in the newsgroup in praise of "Moonlighting" from October of 1990.

Will Vinton Studios is the creator of Claymation, and they did the work in "Come Back Little Shiksa." Their website mentions this work and the Outstanding Special Effects Emmy they received for it.

Loop Filmworks is who did the animation for the "Moonlighting" promotions that aired on Bravo. On their website, they have a press release about this work.

A nice, fairly accurate write up of "Moonlighting" at Yesterdayland's website that does justice to the show's greatness and eccentricities while downplaying its demise.

Online Journalist Donna J. Plesh posted her opinion about "Moonlighting" at the web site. Not a bad read at all.

A very nice, concise and precise episode guide for "Moonlighting" is found at the TV Tome Web site.

A comprehensive, informative and completely independent review of the recent DVD release of "The Pilot" episode of "Moonlighting" found on DVD Verdict's Web site. (Willis should put this reviewer on his payroll!)

TV Guide Online has several interesting pieces about "Moonlighting" in its Classic 80's section.

Here are the lyrics to Billy Joel's "Big Man on Mulberry Street" featured in the episode of the same name has a great page of recommended romances found on television, and Moonlighting is one of the only seven shows they feature. Not sure I agree with some of what the writer says about the show, but it is nice for the show to have been noticed here.

The 100 Greatest TV episodes of all time as selected by the staff of TV Guide and Nick at Night TV Land in March 2001. The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice is #34 on this list, which I suppose is really nice considering how many kajillions of episodes there ever were on tv.

TV Guide article from 2006 that lists David Addison as one of 10 Quirky TV Detectives.

Ok, now this takes the prize as one of the most unusual things about Moonlighting posted on the Web I have ever seen (and honey, I have seen some doozies!) Here is The Straight Dope's "Did an episode of the Moonlighting TV show contain a secret coded message?" wherein they tell about some mysterious subliminal message found in the episode "The Man Who Cried Wife."

WARNING! This off-site link has adult language--proceed at your own risk. Speaking of not sure what to make of has two short poems written by contributors about "Moonlighting." Francine DuBois's is here, and Hezekiah Allen Taylor's is here.

A great Honeymooners Fan Site has a page up about the Moonlighting Honyemooners parody done in "A Trip to the Moon." (Thanks to longtime ML fan Vicki B. for telling about the episode and this site.)

Western Costume Company's collection features the costumes worn in "Atomic Shakespeare."

Go here to play miscellaneous clips of ads and other activities associated with Moonlighting.

TV Guide article from 2007 that lists Cybill and Bruce as Sexy Hall of Fame 80's.

Articles & Interviews: Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis

NEW! TV Guide Q & A with Cybill Shepherd from November 2007.

Cybill Shepherd presented at the TVLand Awards in 2004. Here are two short clips of her in the press tent.

People's 100 Greatest TV Stars of Our Time

Rolling Stone October 9, 1986 Cover story interview with Cybill Shepherd.

Cybill Shepherd discussed her 1987 pregnancy and birth of twins and her choice of using midwives at The American College of Nurse-Midwives site. An informative article on a woman's choices.

A fascinating read concerning an issue of journalistic ethics using an example involving an interview with Cybill Shepherd done by a Memphis, TN reporter.

Swingin Chicks of the 60's website has a nice write-up on Cybill's early modeling days, discussing her look and her style.

Readers Digest March 2002 Bruce Willis Interview, in PDF format.

Charlie Rose Interview with Bruce Willis, February 8, 2002 in Real RealAudio format. To play you will need a RealPlayer found at Click to listen

Playboy Magazine Interview with Bruce Willis from November 1988 issue.

Details Magazine with Bruce Willis Article

One of the earliest article/interviews with Bruce Willis appeared in Details a NYC periodical in September 1985. At the time this interview was done, Willis was granting zero interviews, but this one went to Stephen Saban, a friend/fellow co-worker from his days tending bar at the Kamikaze in downtown NYC. It has a clever title, "Bruce Willis: A Vodka Rocks, Two Heinekens, A Margarita, and A Hit Television Series, Please."
In pdf format, Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Current Photos of the Cast Members & Others:'s database of Cybill Shepherd's wire service photos for last few years's database of Bruce Willis' wire service photos for last few years's database of Curtis Armstrong's wire service photos for last few years's database of Eva Marie Saint's wire service photos for last few years's database of Al Jarreau's wire service photos for last few years

Articles & Interviews: Supporting Cast & Guest Stars

Acid Logic's interview with Curtis Armstrong, August 21, 2001

Curtis Armstrong Feature from People Magazine Sept. 10, 2002 edition

Denis Dugan who played Walter Bishop and also directed many of the 5th season episodes of "Moonlighting" was interviewed for E! Online's Comedy 101 Film School site. Check out his comments on page 6 of the interview about his experiences on "Moonlighting."

Articles & Interviews: Creator Glenn Gordon Caron

Writer's Guild of America's Online Newsletter has a nice interview with "Moonlighting" creator, Glenn Gordon Caron

USA Today article on Glenn Caron concerning Now and Again.

Articles & Interviews: Writers

Writer Ron Osborn spoke at May 1999 Scriptwriters Network event.

Writer & Supervising Producer Karen Hall has a web site where she posts her thoughts and you can find out about her other projects.

Articles & Interviews: Other Filmmakers & Creative Artisits

Composer Alf Clausen received six Emmy nominations for his work on "Moonlighting." Visit his site to learn more about him.

An interview with composer Alf Clausen with mentions of "Moonlighting" and his more recent work.

Awards: Received & Nominated
Genre & Influences

American Cinematographers Awards: 1987 | 1988

Artios Awards by Casting Society of America: 1986

Directors Guild Award: 1985 | 1986

The Emmy Awards: 1984/85 | 1985/86 | 1986/87 | 1987/88 | 1988/89
RealMedia clip of Bruce Willis acceptance of 1986/87 Emmy

The Golden Globe Awards: 1985 | 1986 | 1987
RealMedia Clip of Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis accepting 1986 Golden Globe awards.

The People's Choice Awards: 1986 | 1987 | 1988
RealMedia excerpt of Bruce Willis acceptance speech at People's Choice Awards, 1986

Hollywood Radio and Television Society's Woman and Man of the Year in Broadcasting: 1987

The Mystery Writer's of America, Edgar Award: 1986

ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards: 1988

Want to understand why "Moonlighting" is often referred to as a "screwball comedy"? Go here for a definition.

Another great site to learn all about the screwball comedy genre is here.

From the Museum of Television Broadcasting's Web site, The Encyclopedia of Television's entry on Dramedy, in which "Moonlighting" is discussed in genre-defining terms.

Here is the online E-text for William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," the archetypal Battle of the Sexes. Need proof that this is one of the models for "Moonlighting?" Watch Atomic Shakespeare.

The Houston Teachers' Institute puts "Atomic Shakepeare" to use in "Making Shakespeare Accessible to the High School Student: A Study of Language and Relationships in Hamlet and The Taming of the Shrew." In html or in pdf formats.

A pretty good term paper online about Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" that talks about the Moonlighting version.

An excellent Graduate paper by Denys Landry (University of Montreal) on Moonlighting's Shrew that won an award.

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