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a study of the use of dream/fantasy in "Moonlighting"

Hi, this is the site webmaster. Mr. Addison has asked that I take over this section of the site since once he started working on it, he found out it wasn't as naughty or as fun as he thought at first. Although sex is a big part of the motivation and psychology of the dreamer in each case here, it appears Mr. Addison is of the belief that "doing" is better than "talking about" any time. So he is off to bed, whether it's to sleep, dream or whatever.

So I guess you are stuck with me and my ideas. I know I am not half as cool or as funny as Mr. Addison, but maybe you will enjoy this anyway. So click here and lets get started. Go

Maddie fantasizes about counseling from Dr. Joyce BrothersDavid fantasizes about getting Woman Advice from Ray Charles
In "Trip to the Moon," while Maddie fantasizes about relationship counseling from Dr. Joyce Brothers, David is paid an imaginary visit by one of his idols, Ray Charles, who offers plenty of advice for how he should handle Maddie.

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