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A wise person once said, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well." No, David, that wasn't you...not a wise guy, a person of wisdom. May I continue?? This page has been put together following that philosophy -- it's full of the best, most informative data that people are just dying to read...good, pertinent details about all of our innermost thoughts and desires -- what makes us act the way we do...and the way we don't. And despite what David would have you believe, many of these motivations have absolutely nothing to do with underwear. ~~Maddie
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Maddie, Maddie, Maddie -- somebody needs to remind you that lightening up is not only something you do to your hair each month. And you people -- wander on in to ol' Uncle Dave's page...and learn the naked truth about what fun really is -- lots of pictures, easy on the eyes, not too much yak, yak, yakking, with perhaps a little liquid libation to help you forget. Forget what? See, it's already working. And don't you be buying that holier than thou stuff that Maddie's trying to feed you -- I've got some proof here that the lady really sizzles. ~~David
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I have completed my assigned task of gathering the exact specifications on all the Internet locations where an individual should go if they are looking to perform investigatory research on The Blue Moon Detective Agency and my profoundly generous, intelligent, and entertaining bosses, Miss Hayes and Mr. Addison. ~~Bert

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Watch the Moonlighting Music Video
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With interviews, video clips, photos, articles, and fan comments. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd of Moonlighting

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in the Moonlighting

David Addison and Maddie Hayes of Moonlighting sleeping together Dream Analysis
If Freud were around, he'd be checking this out. Especially when he finds out nearly everything here relates to S-E-X. Intrigued now? So am I.   ~~David
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