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The Rarer Stuff: Miscellaneous Video Clips, Ads, and Fun from Moonlighting

Click to play A & E Biography excerpt on Cybill
Cybill Shepherd

(aired Aug. 2004)

Click to play A & E Biography excerpt on Bruce
Bruce Willis

(aired Mar. 2005)

Biography on A and E

These are from the A & E Biography episodes on Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. These excerpts are from the "Moonlighting" portion of the Biography, and contain extensive commentary from Glenn Caron, TV Guide Critic Matt Roush, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Billy Bob Thornton, Harvey Weinstein, Arnold Rifkin, Film Journalist Elaine Lipworth, and of course Cybill and Bruce. Click the appropriate icon to play the clips.

"He [Bruce Willis] and Cybill Shepherd were the two sexiest things I'd ever seen on TV. I would just watch and think it was absolutely incredible. Such great fun! They were sexy, romantic...the banter was great. You just sat there and just couldn't wait for them to get together."
~~Harvey Weinstein

Click to play Bravo's 100 Greatest TV characters clip
Bravo's 100 Greatest TV Characters
David Addison & Maddie Hayes came in number 69 on this list. Commentary here by Moonlighting Creator Glenn Caron, Cybill Shepherd, and various others from the TV industry including Melissa Gilbert (actress & star of Little House on the Prarie), Larry Gelbert (Executive Producer of M*A*S*H) & Melissa Grego (Editor of Television Week).

Click to play ABC Ad for Moonlighting
ABC Televised Ad, Summer 1985
Back in the 1980's ABC ran a network promotional campaign that was centered around the slogan of "You'll Love It!" which had a theme song and ads to go along with it. They ran campaigns that promoted each night of their fall lineup. In the summer of 1985, ABC aired ads to promote Moonlighting on Tuesday nights. This clip contains the long version of the ads.

Click to play ABC All Stars Spectacular with Cybill and Bruce
ABC All Star Spectacular, September 1985
Here is a fairly rare clip. This is a special that aired on ABC just one time as an All Star Spectacular to promote the fall season about to get underway, and it featured appearances by many of the ABC stars. In this clip you will find Cybill and Bruce in character and on board "The Love Boat."

Click to play Good Morning America Interview with Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis, Sept 1985
Good Morning America, September 24, 1985
Joan Lunden interviewed Cybill & Bruce in one of the earliest interviews I have found with both of them. This interview aired the Tuesday morning that the second season premiere episode, "Brother Can You Spare a Blonde" aired.

Click to play Cybill's Barbara Walters Interview
Cybill Shepherd Interview, Summer 1986
Barbara Walters Summer Special in 1986 featured interviews with three superstar women--Cher, Cybill Shepherd and Barbra Streisand. This interview came right before the third season of Moonlighting began, around the same time the "will they or won't they" Moonlighting mania began heating up in the press.

Click to play Soul Man Excerpt
Soul Man Music Video, Fall 1986
In 1986 the film Soul Man was released starring C. Thomas Howell. Howell's father, Chris Howell, was the stunt coordinator on Moonlighting and in several episode's C. Thomas Howell did stunts himself on Moonlighting. When Howell's film came out, the title tune was released for music video play on VH1 and MTV with Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave) and Lou Reed performing the song. The music video shows Sam and Lou singing the song in the studio and then cuts into the scene, various groups of people and individuals (some famous, some not) as they lip synch and dance to the tune. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd are two of the famous faces that appear in the music video. Here is a very small snippet that contains Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, recorded on the set of Moonlighting.

Click to play GMA Set tour
Moonlighting Set Tour
Good Morning America went on-set at Moonlighting during their special on-location in Hollywood week in early February 1987. Here is a montage of clips from the Moonlighting set. You can see Maddie Hayes office and house in these clips.

Click to play Allyce on Good Morning American
Allyce Beasley on Good Morning America, Feb. 1987
When Good Morning America was onset filming in 1987, Allyce was one of the interviews they aired. Here she is asked about rumors of discord on the set and about her whacky character.

Click to play Cybill Shepherd's Preference by L'oreal ads
Cybill Shepherd in the Preference by L'oreal Ads
This is a collection of Cybill's L'oreal ads. These aired primarily in late 1986-1988. The last one aired in the early 1990's. A couple of these seem to resonate with the "Moonlighting" persona of Ms. Shepherd, especially the first few as a couple play off a "he said/she said" scenario. I think the first ad is probably my favorite because it has a provocative line reading where Cybill turns her head and glances off camera--as she says "So I have everything." Indeed!

Click to play Cybill Shepherd's Beef Council Ad
Cybill Shepherd in the Beef Council Ad
The Beef Industry Council launched a $30 million ad campaign in 1986 to beef up sales. The Council recruited Cybill Shepherd as a celebrity spokesperson, as this was right at the peak of popularity of Moonlighting. There were also print ads that played up on Cybill's healthy "All-American girl next door" looks. This clip is one of the televised ads promoting beef.

Click to play Bruce Willis's Seagram's Wine Cooler  ads
Bruce Willis in the Seagram's Golden Wine Cooler Ads
This is a collection of Bruce's Seagram's Wine Cooler ads. These aired primarily in 1987-1988. Watch these and you will see how Seagram's capitalized on Bruce's popular Moonlighting persona to sell their product. These ads were quite hip, and the ditty in the last one is a definite ear worm: it gets stuck in your head and just won't leave. Don't say you weren't warned!!

Click to play Bruce Willis's Seagram's Wine Cooler  ad
Bruce Willis in another Seagram's Golden Wine Cooler Ad
Here is another longer Seagram's ad that wasn't aired very often due to its length. We get to see Bruce dance and play his harmonica, plus blues guitarist Albert Collins also makes an appearance.

Click to play Bruce Willis's Seagram's Wine Cooler  ad
Two more Seagrams ads.
This contains two ads--one with Bruce singing and the other one is the rarely seen Christmas ad; however, I apologize for the quality and how the clip rolls....but my one and only copy of it is in really bad shape.

Click to play Allyce Beasley for Yoplait Yogurt
Allyce Beasley for Yoplait Yogurt
Cybill and Bruce weren't the only Moonlighting stars doing ads. Here we see a television ad from 1987 featuring Allyce.

For these clips, I need to thank Amy K., Matthew B., Stephen P., Suzanne from Cantonment, FL, and the fan from California who so kindly shared but asked to remain anonymous.

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