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Fans in London at Cybill's Live Show: A report from Natascha

Natascha, center, with Steph, left, and
Carina, right
It's a dream come true!

After 2 days of walking around in beautiful London it was time to go to SOHO theatre. First we had a nice Italian dinner right next door to the SOHO theatre. We were all very excited and Steph and Carina (such sweeties) and I were a little nervous. Before the show my hubby made pictures of the three of us in the hallway of the theatre.

We were first in line, we were there 45 minutes before the show would start, and when the door opened we got the first row seats. The bassplayer was tuning and her pianist Tom Adams was also coming in. When we sat down (1st row in the middle, best spot there is) we saw that there was no stage, she was playing on the theatre floor. We were really excited about the fact that her stool was only 5 feet from where we were sitting. Then I started to realize that I could really see those blue eyes up close. Boy, that was a bomb! Now I was getting really nervous.

Then all of a sudden a voiceover said: "Ladies and gentleman.... please welcome Miss Cybill Shepherd!" Moonlighting theme started (not sung by Al Jarreau btw), and we could see a slideshow of pictures from Cyb from her modelling years till now, the last pic was the one with the jetlagged hair (loved it that it was on the there!).

Then........... she came in....... You DON'T know what it does to ya when all of a sudden she's standing right in front of you. SO CLOSE, BUT REALLY...... SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! She started to talk and say hi to everybody and the she turned around and looked at the bad hair pic and said... "Well, that's what happens when you can't get a hairdresser early in the morning!". When we saw that pic, me and the girls were applauding like crazy. My hubby was also laughing his butt off!

She started the show and made jokes, sang, and danced! It is all one big joke about herself and that's the funny thing about it. She does a MEAN version of the L'Oreal commercials! (made up by herself). It's a killer! She forgot the first line on Graceland Revisited. And Steph and I sang the first line, then she said "I got it, I got!, She got it too!" pointing in our direction.

She still looks GOOD, very GOOD. She was wearing the same pants as on Ross, black velvet with a black stripe on the sides. She was also wearing a black jacket. Under her jacket she had a black satin top. Her hair looked beautiful, like in Hello. It's thick and shiny. She was wearing the same watch and also the bracelet with all the diamonds and the earknobs. Red nailpolish on her fingers and toes, open shoes. Not much make-up. Just powder and some eye-make-up and lipstick.

Now I have to go on to the juicy part. After she talked about sex and her youth she walked over to the first guy in our row. It was an older English man, she asked him where he was from and if he was attached... he said "yes, but only for tonight". She looked at the woman next to him and said something like "ahaaa or okaaaaayyy". It was hilarious and everybody was applauding and laughing and whistling, we had a great crowd. Then she asked him if she could sit on his lap, the man hesitated but she could sit down on his lap. Then she talked a little to him and the guy was a little serious so it didn't really excite her I think. So she moved on to the next couple who were two women, she did the same to them:"Where are you from and do you have anything personally to ask me" People are overwhelmed when she asks that because you never know if it's an appropriate question.

Anyway she sat on the woman's lap and she started to ask her if she was attached, the woman said yes, I am, but tonight I'm with her (indicating the woman next to her). Then Cyb answered: "Ooh, I always wanted to try that!" (naughty, naughty) They talked some more about Northern-Ireland where they came from. THEN..... she stood up and looked further down the row at Carina and Steph and then .....I said:" HOLLAND".... and she looked at me and we had first REAL eye contact. She looked at me for a while and then she said:"OMG, you are dangerous" pointing at me.

So I looked at her and raised my eyebrows...Now I was really a little embarrased and she walked over to me and said "Oh, come here baby!" and SHE SAT ON MY LAP!!! Pfeeeew, now that was overwhelming, SO CLOSE!! But sooo sweet, she acted as if I intrigued her and she said I was gorgeous (??) then she said with a low voice "So, you're from Holland?" And I said "Yes, from Amsterdam" with a very timid and low voice... And she said:"Amsterdaaaaam, So what's your name?" And I said:"Natascha" she repeated in a low voice: "Nataaaaschaaaa" then she noticed the pin on my jacket (the one from with her and Bruce), and she said "Oh!! Look you got a pin of Bruce and me, how cute!!" She said: "How nice!"

Then she asked me with a sexy voice if I wanted to ask her something personal, and I was just BLANK!! I said (don't laugh) : "Do you wanna go for a drink?" (I totally forgot I wanted to ask her about the spot on her neck! and so much more!! STUPID ME!!) She had a real surprised face and liked my answer, then she said: "GO ON AND SIT ON THE SEAT!" (there was a divan on the right of the stage floor) So I walked over and sat down on the seat, then she said" Put your feet up nice and comfy". And I did. Now it was all a little blurry I just couldn't believe she did this WITH ME!!

She asked me real quick, "what was your name again?" and again I said "Natascha". Then she started to sing my name in operastyle, real loud "Nataschaaaaaaa!!" SO FUNNY!! Then she said: "Hold on I'll be back in a few seconds" and she immediatly came towards me again and put herself on top of me!! Hugging me and kissing me on the cheek!! AND I HUGGED HER BACK !! AS HARD AS I COULD!! She said in my ear:" You really are beautiful!!" And I said in her ear "Thank you Cybill..."

Then she stood up and repeated that to the audience. And everybody was cheering and clapping and screaming and I was soooo AMAZED. Then she said to the audience:"Ok with Natascha up there I'm gonna give you a special treat" and she introduced her pianist Tom Adams. He started to play a jazzy tune and she asked me with a BIG SMILE (MADDIE HAYES STYLE) : "Wanna dance??" So (still amazed and blurry) I stood up and I DANCED WITH HER!! Well it didn't go like Rogers and Astaire, cuz we didn't really know who was leading but it was sooo much fun! She danced with me like she danced with that man in The Dream Sequence on the stage with her black dress.... Oh boy! That was the climax of my evening already.

Then she lead me back to the seat and yelled my name again: NATASCHA!! I was totally blacked out for a sec! My mind was empty for a while and I was just giggling and Steph said something to me but I couldn't tell you what it was... Then I came to my senses, she went on with the show and started to sing. All of a sudden she stopped and said to the musicians : "Hold on, hold on, I got a hair in my mouth"... Everybody laughed cuz it wasn't the first thing that went wrong that night. Then she said: "MMM must be Natascha's!" Everybody laughing again including me, and I said "Hey I want it back!" Again SOOO FUNNY!

Then the show went on and at the end she went off stage and came back again for a reprise. When she was done I walked over to her and gave her the Fanfiction from SO, she looked surprised and she hugged me and kissed me and I kissed her three times on the cheeks. Then she said to the audience, looking at the fanfic: "OH, my little secret"!

After the show we waited till everybody was gone and Carina asked her pianist if he could ask Cybill for a picture with us, he said he would try and went to the dressing room. Then I asked her bodyguard the same and he said he was gonna ask her, 10 minutes later he came back with her book, the T-shirt with DISOBEY on the front and her signature (printed) on the back and her CD. Then he said: "She wanted me to give you this." I was also very happy with this gesture and told him to thank her for me.

Then we went up to exit the auditorium and into the bar and talked about all of this for a while. I didn't sleep a wink that night, when I finally was asleep I woke up after 2 hours and thought it was all a dream, then I saw her book on the nightstand and realized that it had all happened for real.

This was the greatest night of my life!! And I still can't believe it!!

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