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Fans in London at Cybill's Live Show: A report from Steph

Steph on the left with Taz in the center and
Carina on the right
Okay, since we are back home, it's time to write my part of the story.

The night before I went to London, I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't wait to meet Taz and Carina, oh and CYBILL of course hehe!

FINALLY it happened. We went to SOHO! First we went to the Italian restaurant next door to get something to eat. It was a very nice dinner. Then we went to the theater. According to the man behind the desk, we were very early, so we spend our time taking pictures (now I know for sure that we are crazy LOL) and we got something to drink. (I had a little too much, but I WASN'T drunk!!) Then, about 45 minutes before the show started, we went upstairs. There were two other peeps there. One of them was a huge fan of Cybill. They were both great company.

We had to give our camera's away (BOOOHOOOHOOOO) and then we stood in line. Others still had to get their bags checked and Taz yelled something about "DON'T SNEAK TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE! GET BACK!" (lolol) Then the door went open and, while my mom and her friend were keeping the rest of the peeps away from the door, I rushed trough, but was stopped by a man! I had to walk back to show him my ticket (lolol I almost forgot about that) Then I was allowed to walk into the room. I WAS THE FIRST ONE WHO ENTERED IT! I sat down in the middle of the front row and waited for Taz and Carina. I'm telling ya, our names where on the seat we sat on HAHA!

Then the music started and I was getting very nervous. They showed pictures of magazine covers and then Cybill came in! We were applauding and whisling and then the picture of the jetlagged hair came up! We started to chear even louder than before!

Then I noticed Cybill wasn't wearing sneakers (EEK) I punched Taz in her hip and pointed at her shoes. (They were nice shoes BTW, I just didn't expect Cybill would wear those kind of shoes LOL) Then Cybill started to tell about her dad. He nailed her windows shut when Cybill climbed out to get to her boyfriend at the time. Then she started to sing "Mad About The Boy". I was looking into her blue eyes all the time. She also looked at me a few times.

Then she sat down and started to tell about a not so famous moviestar called Bruce Willis. We where like: "Bruce who???" and she repeated while smiling "Bruce who???" LOL. She told us she liked his bald head and asked us if we agreed with that (I'm telling ya now, we didn't) She also told about the mooning on the Moonlighting set. Taz and I told her that she did the same. She was like:

Cybill: "What? No! I never did that!"

Taz and I: "Yes you did!"

Cybill: "Okay, there was this picture with Elvis and I" (me: OMG!)

Taz and I: "Noooooo that isn't what we are talking about!"

Oh well, she just talked about Elvis and wanted to sing "Graceland Revisited". She started to sing, but she started with the wrong line. Taz and I looked at each other while raising an eyebrow. She started to sing another line and Taz and I looked at eachother again and thought: "This isn't right." Than she sang: "And I forgot my lines." And I started to sing the song and Taz helped me with it too.

Cybill: "Okay, okay I got it" pointing at us: "And she got it too!"

All I could do was smile.

Then after asking a few questions she walked ahead and stopped in front of me. I was sooo stupid to put my leg over my other leg (hits herself on the head). She looked me in the eyes and then Taz spread her legs and she sat on her lap!!! She was soooo close to me still!! I laughed out loud when Taz asked her to have a drink with her! Then Cybill said Taz was scaring her. That doesn't happen to her very often.

Taz was asked to sit down on the divan on stage. And Cyb layed down on top of her OMG OMG OMG!!! Then she asked her to dance with her and of course Taz didn't hesitate LOL. The audience was a little confused about who was leading the dance and it was very funny to watch.

Then Taz sat down on her "normal" chair again and I shaked her hand and said: "Congratulations Taz!". Cybill started to sing again, but stopped because she had a hair in her mouth. It was probably from Taz.

Later she sang the song "If I Had My Way" for her kids. They showed some beautiful pictures. When the song ended Cyb turned around and stood in front of me with tears in her eyes. (If I had a tissue I would have given it to her) She turned away and said: "Yeah, they grow up so fast…".

Then she started to dance again. She also sang a song for the audience to always stay themselves. She thanked all the people and walked off stage, but not to the door yet. She was "asking" the people to stand up! I grabbed the fanfiction we wrote and Taz runned on the stage and gave it to her. She had a big smile on her face when she saw what it was and said: "This is our little secret."

After the last song she thanked everyone and went offstage. We waited till all the other peeps left and asked the piano player if we would be able to get a picture with Cyb and us. He was going to ask it for us and later he came back with a T-Shirt, a book and the CD "At Home With Cybill" and said: "Cybill asked me to give you this."

Okay, no picture…BUT I will never forget this show. Cybill was great and I miss her already… Home Page | Back to Event Page


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